Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Limited Edition 6007A-001 Watch

The Case

Steel case that’s 40 mm wide and 9.07 mm high, making it slightly larger than the typical Calatrava, but just as slim.

The Dial

The dial is rendered in grey-blue and finished with four textures – radial and circular brushing, plus stamped guilloche in concentric as well “carbon” patterns. Though labelled “carbon style” by Patek Philippe, the pattern on the centre of the dial is reminiscent of the basketweave guilloche. The applied hour markers are 18k white gold, as are the white-lacquered hands, and both are filled with Super-Luminova for nighttime legibility.

The Movement

Automatic, calfskin strap with embossed motif.

Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava, the series features Swiss-made watches with timeless designs that are crafted to perfection using the age-old Swiss watchmaking tradition. There have been many variations and models of the Patek Philippe Calatrava over the years, and many new series that that ensued but the Calatrava has always been and will always remain Patek’s signature watch. Patek Philippe christened the series the Calatrava which is taken from Patek Philippe’s emblem; the Calatrava cross. The fact that they named the series after the emblem is symbolic of just how relevant this series is in their long line of luxury watches over the years. Being the inventor of the first wristwatch, the Calatrava is the cross they can proudly bear.